About Sarveshwaree Mahavidyalaya

TO establish institute such as schools , colleges, Research institutes, Research medical centres, universities etc. without any motive of profit whatsoever and organise campaigns and awareness programmes with the aim of inculcating such values and imparting such knowledge which go into making a human being more humane co-exist harmoniously. To organize campaign and rehabilitation programmes for eradication of child slavery, child labour, bounded labour and other form of social cruelty and discriminatory practices. To establish watchdog committees for the protection of human right and civil liberties and organise awareness campaigns for the same. To make all our efforts to fight the spread of obscurantism and revivalism in the society and endeavour to equip the populaces with scientific temper. To establish printing and publishing units along with translation bureau for providing instruction in and dissemination of useful knowledge, without any motive profit whatsoever. To provide facilities for conferences and seminars and courses on subject as may be deemed appropriate from time to time.